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Orizzonte™ - Slide & Pivot Doors

Orizzonte supplies the finest doors to all customers 
throughout Ireland, north and south.
The slide and pivot door system has many advantages
over the traditional bi-fold door design – aesthetically and practically.
Orizzonte Logo Gold3

Key Advantages of Slide & Pivot Doors

Independent Panels

Hidden Hinges

Interlocking Door Panels

Traditional Bi-Fold vs Orizzonte™ Slide & Pivot Doors

Traditional Bi-Fold Doors

With traditional bi-fold doors, you must keep the space around your doors clear to allow for the door to fold.

Orizzonte™ Slide & Pivot Doors

With the Orizzonte™ Slide And Pivot doors, you can unlock the space that would be lost using traditional bi-folding doors.

Maximise your home…Inside and Out!

More Orizzonte™ Features

Orizzonte™ Slide & Pivot Doors Pricing

3 Panel Orizzonte Door

starting from
5900+ VAT
Orizzonte slide and pivot door installed on patio half opened

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